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Allens Akitas

Akita Breeder

Contact Vicky Allen/Cory Allen

2131 Dennis Rd

Mansfield, Mo. 65704

417 924 8064 or text 417 554 2018‚Äč

Email: [email protected]

Photo Gallery

Keiko, Michigan Keiko, Michigan The 14 hour car ride home, he was a pro..=] 161495462 New best friends 161495463 New best friends 161495464 From the back seat, "Are we there yet"? 161495465 Home not quite 24 hours and settling in nicely..=] 161610292 Happy 3 month Birthday!! 164899914 Always attentive to the hands, as he always thinks he's getting a treat..=] 164899916 Fascinated with the camera 164899917 My big boy..=] 164899918 Keiko and 'his' baby, he just loves her and tolerates everything she does to him..although, I think she does wear him out..=] 170403272 This is the life Happy 6 month Birthday!! He has grown just a little since the earlier photo's, doesn't quite fit in his boys lap anymore..=] 170961612 Happy Birthday!! Keiko is now 1 year old...such a mama's boy too.. <3 180687636